Oh no
Bad Dream is a short creepy tale about a little girl who had a nightmare.

A little girl opened the door to her parents' bedroom in the middle of the night.

"Daddy, I had a bad dream", she said.

Her father blinked his eyes and sat up in bed, leaning on his elbows. The digital alarm clock glowed red in the darkness. It was 3:23 AM.

"Do you want to climb up into bed and tell me about it?" he asked.

"No daddy." came the reply.

The oddness of the situation made him wake up more fully. He could barely make out his daughter's pale form, outlined in the light from the doorway.

"Why not, sweetie?" he asked.

The little girl began to cry. "Because in my dream, when I told you about the dream, the thing wearing mommy's skin sat up." she whined.

For a moment, he felt paralyzed, unable to take his eyes off his daughter. Then he felt the covers behind him beginning to shift...